Addie Roanhorse is an Osage artist that works in a wide variety of different arenas.  Her early childhood exposure to art, by parents that were both successful artists, initially grew into a passion for mixed media paintings.  With her Osage roots planted in the Southwest United States, she grew into a lifelong student of the arts, pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rogers State University where she developed the skills to translate aspects of her own indigenous culture into professional graphic design. Currently she is employed by the Osage Nation of Oklahoma as their Senior Graphic Designer, where she continues to expand her portfolio. Through entrepreneurship, culturally relevant branding, and cross discipline design, she is working with architects and museum developers to implement her original, historically relevant, two-dimensional design work across the three-dimensional glazing of the built environment.  A challenge few artists could rise to.  Some of her work can be seen at the Santa Fe Art Market and published in the Santa Fean magazine. Currently, a resident of the Osage Nation reservation in North Eastern Oklahoma where her daughter, Anya, has begun to follow in her footsteps. Sowing the seeds of creativity, to blossom, for yet another generation to come.