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The Children of the Middle Waters blanket is a limited edition 68” X 76” 100% unnapped wool trade blanket manufactured by Pendleton Blankets and designed specifically for Osage Foundation by Chad Renfro and Addie Roanhorse. Children of the Middle Waters represents working together. It represents the colors of Earth (reds) and Sky (blues). These colors are woven into the graphic representations of the patterns of Osage Finger Weaving and Ribbon Work, the small white diamondsrepresenting the Moon (Mother). In the dark blue lines running like a river ofwisdom through the MIDDLE of these colors and cultural designs is the Osage Orthography or Language in the color gold to represent the Sun (Father). These words or phases are meant to inspire and remind us of what is important. They include Children of the Middle Waters, Do Your Best, Living The Life God Gave Us, Getting Along with One Another (Harmony), Everything Runs Smoothly and last but not least Give Thanks or Thank You.

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